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How Do I Attend a Class?

All our classes run as 6 week courses.

You will need to book and pay to secure your place.

Visit our new website to book a place

We are currently VIRTUAL

a six week course consists of

1x6 Pilates 60mins facebook and website

1x6 Somatic Yoga 60mins FB and website

1x6 EMBODi Dance 45mins (zoom)

You can revisit the Pilates and Yoga sessions as many times as you like during the 6 weeks.

or email here

book on our

new website here

Why Do We Run As Courses?

A course enables a development of the moves, progression and a deeper awareness, mindfulness, needed to embody your practice.

By embodying you are feeling and owning the moves, understanding them, not just as mental concept but something your body has understood- why, how and when the tiniest adjustment makes all the difference. A Body-Mind understanding, so it becomes responsive and creates new movement patterns.

 We are dedicated to Happy Bodies, all the time, not just when you are in our classes! When you take care of your BODi there is a lot more sensation and pleasure happening in life.