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Meet the Team

Heather Parsons

Creator and owner of

The ENERGYBODi Studio.

Read more about Heather Here

Being involved in sport from a very young age, from cycling to competitively swimming and then coaching, teaching became a passion. An added passion in the Creative Arts, Complimentary medicine and Alternative ways of living has culminated in the richness and uniqueness of the ENERGYBODi studio, which is so much more than a gym.  

The Studio has been carefully crafted to support you in your life, to take time out, to respect your own uniqueness, to take care of yourself- the Space supports Radical Self care- Self-love.

''All Teachers who work at ENERGYBODi are very special to me, as to the quality with which they also hold the space for YOU. It is such a delight when clients feedback is that 'it feels like coming home'.

Ruth Barnes

Ruth will be there to welcome you on the desk. Ruth has been been coming to classes for nearly a decade and attends nearly every single class!

Please don't hesitate to ask her any of your questions. 

''I was introduced to ENERGYBODI in September 2009 by my cousin, Beryl Harper, who is also a physiotherapists & yoga teacher.

I feel now that it was the start of my healing process when I met Heather Parsons. I would like to share my healing process story...

July 2009 - It was my 60th birthday and I retired after over 21 years from a very busy/stressed full time NHS District Nurse in Rossendale and, by Christmas, I had lost every hair from my head and all over my body (Alopecia Areata ). I have had massive support from my husband, family & friends. Thank you.

I started doing two classes of pilates a week. At this time I was wearing a wig and had to take it off to let some steam out. . . . NOBODY BOTHERED!

I thought I might try the dancing too. This type of dance felt alien to me as I have medals for ballroom dancing. How wrong could I be? It has changed my life...

I have gained strength and self confidence.

Heather is an awesome teacher.

The space she has created for her classes is a very calming and peaceful one. Her knowledge, experience and attention to detail is an inspiration.

I feel I have learned such a lot. I attended a course for the Nia Technique white belt. This alone was a huge step for me as never in all my life have I ever stayed away from home on my own.... SUCCESS, I loved the whole experience!

Being a part of the ENERGYBODi is team is very fulfilling. I have met so many lovely people and made lots of new friends. I look forwards to welcoming you to our wonderful community.

Jo Davidson

Jo teaches BODi Yoga and BODi Dance at the Studio and will be there to welcome you on the desk.

Since January 2016, I have been helping out at ENERGYBODi. Heather is my long time friend and Nia training partner (we are both Black Belt).

After 18 years as a fitness and Yoga teacher and personal trainer (ETM OCR), I had taken time out and soon decided that the best thing in the world for me to do next was move North (from Devon) and work with Heather! 

I either participate or assist teach Heather in several studio classes and I teach all of the BODi Yoga classes. I am also one of the BODi Dance teachers... which is so exciting!

"I love this new adventure...I have found Rossendale and ENERGYBODi folk to be a fantastic open-hearted, funny, funky community of people who I have a fab time with! So thanks for making me so welcome. X"

Beryl Harper

''My name is Beryl Harper and I have been a Yoga Teacher for over 50 years. In 1983, I qualified as a Massage Therapist and since that time I have attended courses in the UK and America to develop my own unique style of dealing with Soft Tissue Imbalances and Injuries. During the 90s, I did some Pilates classes with Lynne Robinson, and was invited to do her teacher training course. However, I realised that with the work I was already doing I would not be able to give the training my full commitment and so I declined.

I then heard about the excellent classes that were being run locally by Heather Parsons, and so I started to send my patients to her. I had excellent feedback about the work Heather was doing and everyone I referred were more than satisfied. Eventually I managed to attend a class myself and met Heather for the first time. 

 I find her style of teaching excellent. She always has a detailed plan of her aims and objectives for each course, and she explains as simply as is possible how the body works and how it becomes dysfunctional, and what we can do ourselves both to prevent muscular problems and imbalances and to how fix them. I still enjoy my Yoga for relaxation and flexibility, but I do find Pilates better for strength and stability. Two years ago, I started to attend the ZENERGi classes, which are movements to music that Heather has evolved from all her training. This is a good physical, mental and spiritual workout which is very enjoyable. 

When Heather opened ENERGYBODi in Waterfoot, she asked me to bring my Tuesday night Yoga class there. She has created an amazing environment of warmth and friendliness that is very conducive to all the disciplines that are taught there. 

It has become a very special place where people can exercise, relax and be part of a family of like minded people.

It is our own local retreat. I would recommend everyone to come and see for yourselves what you are missing.''

Aislinn Marek

"Hi, my name is Aislinn and I run the Relax Kdis classes at the ENERGYBODi Studio.

As well as being a Relax Kids coach and trainer, I am a qualified counsellor (a registered member of the BACP) and have over 15 years' experience of working with children and families in the mental health and education field, most recently working as a mental health practitioner with CAMHS.

I am passionate about improving children's emotional wellbeing and see early intervention as crucial. I strongly believe in the Relax Kids' programme and love seeing how well children respond to it. Helping parents support and encourage children is as important as the direct work with the children themselves, and I love the way Relax Kids incorporates this.

As a mum of two, I recognise the importance of creating and maintaining a calm and nurturing environment, in which children can thrive and reach their potential. The space at ENERGYBODi allows us to really be free and explore all the 7 steps of the Relax Kids programme.

The children love the colourful, calm environment, and I am delighted that Heather has chosen to include Relax Kids in the ENERGYBODi timetable.

Jess Goggins

Jess is the BODi Aerial Teacher at ENERGYBODi and assists on the desk. She is currently training to be a Pilates teacher and brings her infinite joyfulness and optimism to the Studio.

Jess trained as a Mental Health Nurse. She attends many of the classes here at the ENERGYBODi Studio and assists on the desk. Jess’s knowledge of Mental Health and experience of mind and body health 

and well-being at the Studio weaves together achieving a deep understanding of the holistic and professional approaches. She also has community experience working with young and older adults with mental health problems.

“ENERGYBODi has allowed me to value the importance of physical health and its relation to mental health and overall well-being. In my experiences, there appears to be a missing link between mental and physical health. I truly believe ENERGYBODi fully integrates movement and its healing powers to restore balance to physical and mental health and well-being,” Jess Goggins.

Marika Metiuk

Stan Harland

Life Drawing classes