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There are a variety of Workshops available at ENERGYBODi. Most of them happen in the break, between our 6 week courses.

Somatic BODi Yoga, BODi Aerial Fundamentals, Daoyin, Gong Bath, Moon Blessings and much more....

Most of our workshops are £20 unless otherwise stated. To enquire and pay please email [email protected] and payment options and details willbe forwarded to you.

The BODi Aerial Fundamentals session will introduce you to your hammock and the partnership you are going to develop with it, how and when to hold on and when to let go, developing trust in yourself, to connect to your body and find your centre, your core can support you. The detail of technique in this practice is essential, looking at posture alignment and your uniqueness. You will noticeably and quickly see and feel a difference in your body within a course.

The Fundamentals session is for you to have the confidence to come along to a course, having already made friends with your hammock and give you the confidence to jump right in.

The fundamentals is a chance to ask questions, to see if BODi Aerial is for you, to have fun, to see what you and your body can do, to take your time for you to meet your teacher, Jess, and for Jess learn about you so she can tailor future courses, know your abilities once you are on the course and to share what the current course is practicing. This allows progress to be made in your ability, fitness and a sense of achievement.

Once you have completed a fundamentals you will be able to join BODi Aerial at the unique and stunning ENERGYBODi Studios

A Fundamentals must be attended before joining a course.

Sunday 16th December

Sunday 6th January

Sunday 3rd March 2019

Sunday 14th April 2019

Sunday 23rd June 2019

5-7pm £20

Somatic BODi Yoga

Hanna Somatic BODi Yoga is a rapidly effective form of neuromuscular (mind-body training) movement re-education that goes directly to the root cause of most chronic muscular pain: the brain and the way in which it senses and organizes the muscles and movement. By learning to regain both awareness, sensation, and motor control of muscles – an educational process that can only be achieved through movement – the brain can remember how to relax and move the muscles properly. This process of sensory motor training creates improved muscle function and enhanced sensory awareness.

Hanna Somatics® is effective at relieving the chronic aches and disabilities associated with as:

  • headaches
  • painful joints and muscles
  • neck, shoulder and back pain
  • sciatica
  • hip, knee and foot pain
  • repetitive use injuries
  • poor posture
  • accident traumas and whiplash
  • breathing problems
  • frozen shoulder syndrome
  • Release and reverse neuromuscular pain (chronic and acute)
  • Improve mobility, strength and coordination
  • Improve posture and appearance
  • Eliminate the need for guarding to protect injured areas.

Workshop with Jo Wednesday 12th December 2018 6-8pm £20 More dates to follow

Daoyin- Qi-Kung

Looking to de-stress, to move your muscles, learn calming breathing techniques, wish to cultivate a deeper level of appreciation for you body and mind, or to feel a renewed level of mastery in life, then this workshop is for you. 

We open the workshop with a simple breathing meditation that will encourage you into the present moment while calming your nervous system. 

A series of warm up movements will get us going and prepare us for the main body of the workshop.

The heart of which focuses on a series of rhythmical movement sequences coordinated with the natural pace of your breath. A true moving meditation.

You will learn to lengthen through your body rather than stretch, and to find your balance in a way that encourages you into a deep appreciation for the integration of body and mind. 

Philip and Helen will guide and encourage you to listen to your body, to go easy with yourself and stay within a comfortable range of motion. In essence, we practice positive self-care for our physical and mental wellbeing. Rather than turning our attention inward, we'll learn to gently open outward. To recognise our connection with life and nature, including the people that share this space with us. 

The workshop closes with a return to the breathing meditation we started, only now we'll practice a visualisation to really deepen our sense of relationship with nature and the world around us. Last, but by far no means least, like all great activities, we'll take time to chill with some lovely tea time conversation. 

Daoyin (Qigong) - Daoyin means to guide and pull. Daoyin sequences look simple, elegant and graceful. Daoyin sequences flow from one movement to another all coordinated with our natural breathe cycles. Rather than stretching we move within a comfortable range of movement to avoid putting unnecessary strain on any particular muscle group or joint. Overtime we build strength and suppleness without straining the body or stressing the mind. Coordinating the movements with a natural breathing cycle creates a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

Sunday 16th December

Sunday 3rd March 2019

Sunday 28th April 2019

Sunday 23rd June 2019

2-4pm Each Workshop is £20

Facebook event here

Life Drawing in Rossendale