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We hold many different workshops at ENERGYBODi in Rossendale,

with a range of specialist guest teachers. 

Hanna Somatics

A series of workshops

with David Fleming and Amanda Franklin

Saturdays 1-4pm

Saturday 27th May - Freeing the Whole Body from Centre to Periphery.

Saturday 22nd July -Restore the Core.

Saturday 12th August - The Myths of Aging

Somatic education tells us that the most effective way to open the body is from the waist out. The contractions at the waist set up compensations all the way out. There are two major reflexes that compress the trunk. One is a fear response - Red Light Reflex that runs down the front of the body. The other is the get up and get going response - Green Light Reflex which is held in the back. Every time we make ourselves do something we don't want to do, these reflexes get activated. All this happens outside of our awareness. Over time one or the other, or both reflexes impose contraction on the body. This can actually shorten the waist as well as compress major organs and prevent good breathing and blood flow.

These workshops will address:

Abdominal Muscles

Back Muscles

Shoulder Joint and Hip Joint

Shoulder Girdle and Hip Girdle

Trunk, Arms and Hand, Legs Side

Leg, Ankle, and Foot

Starting with the Abdominal and Back Muscles we'll gradually expand out from the core, through the hips and shoulders into the extremities - the hands and feet.

These workshops are appropriate for all, regardless of general physical ability. The only requirement for attending is the ability to get down and up from the ground and to be able to lie on your front, back and/or sides for a period of time.

The workshops will be of benefit to anyone experiencing muscular aches and pains, and accompanying restricted and inhibited movement, who would like to learn new ways to diminish and eliminate pain and expand and enhance their quality and range of movement gently and easily. 

A series of workshops by

with David Fleming and Amanda Franklin


Each session is £30

You do not need to attend all sessions, you can choose just one or all. Book your place via PayPal £30 (click on the link below)

Life Drawing In Rossendale

with Stan Harland

Are you interested in joining a regular monthly life drawing/capturing movement drawing class at the ENERGYBODi Studio? 

Whether you are a complete beginner, a more experienced artist or someone who would just like to try something new, why not have a go!

The classes are tutor-led by artist, Stan Harland in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Stan has joined us at ENEGRGYBODi on several occasions to draw while we dance. Many people have bought drawings after these sessions and simply wonderful to have this opportunity to now offer Life Drawing here at the Studio. 

Stan is passionate about capturing movement in the fields of dance, drama, music etc and has been invited to such places as Japan and Cuba to draw. Stan's work has been exhibited throughout the North West since the 1970s. Heather, the creator of ENERGYBODi also has a background of art and life drawing and it is this that guided her into the world of anatomy and movement.

''This is such an exciting series of classes to be offering at ENERGYBODi, What we do here at ENERGYBODi is all about creativity. Life is Art. '' Heather

Both creativity and critical thinking have been flagged as essential 21st century skills, yet some people think of them as being as separate as oil and water.

People may actually be surprised that painting and drawing can instigate the development of critical thinking and problem solving. In fact, painting and drawing enables an individual to realize that there can be more than one solution to a single problem. As they discover the artworks they can produce from a blank sketch pad, they develop the technique of thinking outside the box.

Sessions are for all abilities , informal in the very chilled relaxed atmosphere of ENERGYBODi Studio, with music and hot drinks. A wonderful relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

Sessions are on Saturdays 1-4pm

22nd April

20th May

24th June

29th July

2nd September

To book a place on a session, please click to pay here

This 8 week course we are offering you a special treat to those of you

on our BODi Yoga and BODi Dance sessions.

On Wednesday 21st June, we have a Gong Bath for the Summer Solstice.

The evening will be as follows:

6-7pm BODi Yoga

7.15- 8.15pm BODi Dance

8.30pm- 9.30pm GONG Bath

This is a PRIVATE event and special treat for ALL of you

that come as regularly to these Wednesday night sessions. 

What is a Gong Bath?

Being bathed in sounds from the Gong allows a person to enter a deep meditative state. The sound waves emanating from the Gong are difficult for the human brain to follow, and is thought to shift the brain from Beta (our waking state) to Alpha, where we are relaxed, perhaps daydreaming, cat napping, meditating or enjoying a blissful calm. We are not asleep, but we are barely there. Our minds dimly register what's currently going on - and have greater access to subconscious thoughts. The gong may also shift our state into Theta Wave, where we become drowsy and fall into light sleep or into a deep sleep, (which is a Delta Wave). The movement between Delta and Theta Waves is the zone where we dream. Normally within a gongbath people experience a deep state of relaxation Alpha State.

Such ’shifts’ enhance the opportunity for the person to calm the mind and reduce internal stress, clear emotional blockages and support release, regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system, whilst relaxing and fully dressed in a position that they feel comfortable in. 

This promotes an experience of well being, calmness and able to facilitate the release of unwanted emotions within a safe space, because the body is a complex energy system, with the mind and spirit being the true source of consciousness with emotions and spirit influencing ’dis-ease’ through rebalancing energetic and neurohormonal connections among body, mind and spirit. 

The use of sound vibrational energy from the gong to promote well being, combines our modern understanding that our bodies are made up of atoms and molecules with ancient understanding that the body’s life energy systems are involved in supporting human functioning, with the body being a complex integrated life-energy system supporting human consciousness. 

A Gong Bath involves experiencing frequencies of sound energy to support the rebalancing the body, mind and spirit, supporting chakra clearance, deep relaxation, stress release and re connection of the mind, body and spirit, all contributing to enriching nurturing experiences, not easily achieved in our modern day busy lives 

The Gong Bath by Denise Brown

''I (Denise Brown) play a Paiste Pluto Gong, which has been masterfully and precisely hammer forged by hand by 1 of 5 gong masters in Switzerland, made from flat discs of NS12, or nickel-silver (nickel bronze) and is tuned to a harmonic frequency, scientifically-validated as the energetic fourth dimensional vibrational frequency specific to Pluto of 140.25 Hz, giving amazing harmonic tones .

The Pluto gong is deep and mysterious as it opens, releases and raises the higher energies of the Kundalini based in the first chakra, connecting all the chakras and opening the energies of the Heart. These vibrations have been described to first ’ let go, release, and dismantle the old outgrown and false to fact energies and attachments of fear and darkness. Second, the vibrations assist us on our spiritual path growth through conflict and liberation into transcendence. And third, to rebirth, purify, resurrect and restore that which is actual and true, transforming and opening to the emergence and energies of illumination, love and light.’ (New Earth Healing Centre)''

Announcing Radiant Star Aerial Yoga Teacher Training August 5th-11th at ENERGYBODi studio in Lancashire. 

After over a year since we were last involved in delivering Chakra Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings in Goa we're excited to be introducing our new Radiant Star Aerial Yoga teacher training

This new Aerial Yoga training is a seven-day (56 hour) immersion in somatic aerial yoga teacher training, specifically designed for existing certified yoga teachers, pilates teachers and other movement professionals wishing to extend their development into this new area.

Radiant Star Aerial Yoga is centred in somatics, aerial and yoga principles. On this Radiant Star Aerial Yoga training, you will be invited to develop and hone your ability as a teacher to guide students to a true experience of themselves as beings able to sense and move with ease and grace.

As a Radiant Star Aerial Yoga teacher you will be able to deliver fun, safe, innovative sensory-based Aerial Yoga classes, that provide excellent learning spaces for your students to grow and develop.

The comprehensive curriculum will cover learning to teach a variety of Aerial Yoga Flows in positions such as :

supported kneeling

supported standing




Accompanying the teaching of Aerial Yoga Flows, you will be introduced to the principles of Hanna Somatics: Sensory Motor Education, Somatic Movement Pathways, Neural Reflex Patterns and the art of Pandiculation. These principles will be integrated into the teaching of Radiant Star Aerial Yoga, making this a unique approach to Aerial Yoga Teacher Training.

It is highly recommended to have taken several aerial yoga classes or attended a Taster for Teachers workshop before attending the course. We will be delivering 3hr taster workshops or May, June, July where those interested in attending the training can learn more about the approach.

More details will also follow once our new Radiant Star Yoga website goes live later in April.

This training is limited to a maximum of 12 people participating. The price for this training is £1000. (There is an initial non-refundable deposit of £250 to secures a place)

Amanda Franklin and David Fleming will be the co-trainers. Both are experienced Aerial Yoga trainers who have both been trained as Aerial Yoga teachers since 2012 and who have been delivering Aerial Yoga trainings since 2015 and involved with the trainings in the UK, India and Iceland. They bring a wealth of complimentary knowledge from over 9 years teaching other movement forms including Nia, Nia 5 Stages, Hanna Somatics, Pranayama & Gentle Somatic Yoga.

For those who already feel this training iis something they wish to book onto you can either or would like to contact us to learn more.

Facebook messages us at Aerial Yoga Leeds

Email: [email protected]

David 07702665283

Amanda 07758218115

Past Events

New You

at the ENERGYBODi Studio

with Fiona Morgan

A resurection of all that you are; a birthing of your truth and bliss.

I will be combining the breathwork with the shamanic work for this powerful Easter Spring quinox gathering. Inviting everyone to tap into the life force humming to be born from the depths of your being.

Awakening and remembering your essence, pulling in the embers of your wisdom and grace and rekindling the passion of a life lived with love and joy.

Lets begin the new and magical you that you always knew was there. Let's cleanse, nourish an flourish ♥ together ♥

Aerial Yoga with Fiona Morgan

An hour and a half of getting to feel the joy of Aerial Yoga, a great way to see if this amazing practice is for you. An amazing practice to discover all that it is and all that you are.

5 Reasons to fly with Aerial Yoga

1. Aerial Yoga is great for spinal decompression.

3. It improves your overall well-being by creating a more confident, braver you.

5. Improve your sense of body position and balance.

Feel like a child again!

"What good are wings without the courage to fly!"

Sound Weaving with Gabriella

Gabriella has developed a vibrational healing modality, which has changed lives, can penetrate to the core of a life issue and create a vibrational field of support to assist the changes required; with cello, a 4-octave voice, gongs, hand crafted Singing bowls, flutes and other world instruments

What you can expect:

Feeling lighter as stuck patterns are releasing,

Perception of greater possibilities,

Feeling reconnected to a deep remembering of where we come from


My name is Fiona Morgan. I have been a qualified breathwork practitioner for 10 years now and I am always humbled and privilaged whenever I facilitate breathwork. As a one to one or group session the results have never been anything short of profound.

It's astonishing how many tangled energies we weave deep into our subconscious, so many of them established through the breath we take at the time of our unease, trauma and shock, often at such a young age that we do not recall the source of our current discomfort and challenges.

Breathwork unlocks these knots of struggle and suffering without content or revisiting the story, it is a powerful and empowering experience where the participant takes full control of the process, and with the experienced and loving unconditional support of the facilitator, the source of the suffering is breathed out of the body and a new space for replenishing, healing and ne possibilities is created.

The breath is one of the only physiological processes that we can consciously affect, and this means we can consciously tap into our autonimical nervous system. When we breathe we are telling our body one of two things, either that all is well and we are safe (slow calm deep breathing) or that there is somthing wrong and we are not safe (short shallow rapid breathing). Because we are mostly completely unaware of our breath we often do not realise that our breath has changed, or even understand that as we breath we are wiring our nervous system, which in turn creates symptoms and patterns within our physical, mental and emotional systems. 

With this astonishingly beautiful and effective work we can access, release and heal old traumas that may be presenting in any or all of the bodies systems, the resukts are permentant.

I have yet to facilitate anyone who has not been delighted with the results, have felt anything less that completely safe and held, or who has not actualised a pivotal and significant result from this practice.

Please note that places are limited and your non refundable (unless cancelled by Fiona) payment of £25 secures your place.

Come breathe and re spirit your whole being ♥ Thank you ♥

Please email fiona [email protected] for booking and information.

Shamanic Gathering


An invitation to ignite passion, to connect with beauty, to boldly love your divine expression, your unique perfection and celebrate the miracle and the mystery of all life in such a way that your aspirations will inspire the bold genius of infinite love without hesitation or doubt.

The time is now, the person is you ♥ AHO ♥£15

It will be a time of tapping into the depth of your power and capacity, to unite and work as a tribe, a team, and to brighten the fire of your inner spirit.

Dream Weaving Winter Workshop

Join Heather and Fiona in this workshop to let go of the old and bring in the new. A way to cast your intention for the future and understand what holds you back. This workshop will be about allowing you to stand in the acceptance and magnificence of who you truly are.

This is a two hour workshop, and a taster for a weekend event that Heather and Fiona are planning late spring next Year. An introduction of exploring the magic of optimizing our life force energy.

Wednesday 28th December 7-9pm £15

The Nia Five Stages

on 31st Aug at 6-8pm

The Nia 5 Stages is an integrative movement practice based on five developmental moves: embryonic, creeping, crawling, standing and walking. Retracing the stages in an adult body is a pathway to reclaiming the body’s natural strength, flexibility, mobility and neural plasticity. With regular practice, these moves contribute to spinal health, re-patterning and restructuring the whole body, enhancing physical and energetic balance. What began as a personal self-healing practice for Nia co-founder Debbie Rosas, is now a mindful, meditative class experience and somatic program open to the world.  

The power of this practice lies in its simplicity. The power of this practice lies in moving with awareness in each stage, allowing the muscles, joints and connective tissue to undo the body’s habits. The power of this practice lies in waiting for a sense of internal readiness before moving forward to the next stage. The power of this practice lies in waiting in the architecture, or shape, of each stage to allow the alignment to shift the flow of energy. The power of this practice lies with internal choice and adaptability – to move in place or forward, big or small, slowly or dynamically, with power or ease.  

Nia 5 Stages practice results in:

  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Improved posture and grace
  • Increased Sensory IQ and overall body awareness
  • A deep sense of relaxation
  • Physical and energetic alignment

Beginners Pilates Workshop

10.30- 1pm £30

This is a beginners Workshop that gets down to detail. Pilates prioritizes the small intrinsic muscles that give deep stability and strength around the joints- not just our core (spine) but all joints. If these muscles are weak our large global muscles become tight and imbalanced as they end up supporting a weak joint structure.

There is plenty of time to ask questions, 'try' out the moves and learn about kinesthetic awareness. We will go through some of Pilates core principles and become familiar with the words and terminology that is used at ENERGYBODi so that you can then jump right into to any of our regular classes.

ENERGYBODi is proud of the the commitment of our members and we are dedicated to keeping your body and mind stimulated by new ideas so you feel motivated, committed and empowered by your understanding of why you are doing what you do!

'I have been coming to Heather's classes for over 7 years now- I feel there is progression all the time, always something new to learn. i have noticed such a difference, not just in my posture, which is stronger and more flexible but I feel so much calmer'.

Essential Back care and exercises in Rossendale.